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"Wind up your friends & family, your mates, or people you just don't like, with our hilarious and ultra-realistic prank calls and listen in to the whole windup secretly..."

How the Prank Calls Work...

  1. Choose a windup from the list below.
  2. Call 0906 342 0085* Making sure you have the mobile or landline number of the person you want to wind up. Prank Call Ideas
  3. Listen to the main menu options.
  4. Enter the number of the Prank you have chosen.
  5. Enter your Victim's telephone number and press # when they answer to start the windup.
  6. Your Victim will then believe they are talking to a real person and continue to interact with the recording.
  7. You can secretly listen in while the joke is being played on the Victim so you can hear both the windup and the Victim's reaction at the same time.
  8. If you hang up the call will end; if your victim hangs up you will be given the option to call back or choose another.

Prank Phone CallsI'm returning your call..

A quick fire joke that results in multiple calls from the same guy and he is not a happy bunny because he is right in the middle of something...

Call 0906 342 0085 and Choose Prank 5 to start the windup now!*

Prank Call ServiceThe Dating Agency

They get an automated call from the dating agency because someone signed them up and registered a voice mailbox for them. Their advert has already attracted some messages from likely partners. The system then plays the messages and asks them to record some responses...

Call 0906 342 0085 and Choose Prank 8 to start the windup now!*

Automated Prank Calls Automated Order Confirmation Service

The victim gets a call confirming their "order" from a dodgy internet site. Somehow they have got his name and are going to deliver the dodgy items to his home today in five minutes. This wind up plays the victim their own name and the current date and time.

Call 0906 342 0085 and choose Prank 6 to start the windup now!*

Funny Prank CallsThe Phone Engineer

They get an automated call from the local phone exchange as someone has reported their phone number (it reads it to them) as being faulty. They are informed that it will need to be tested by the local exchange voice calibration system, could they repeat a few dodgy words and phrases...

Call 0906 342 0085 and Choose Prank 4 to start the windup now!*

Radio Prank CallsHi - You're Live on the Radio!

It's a radio producer and they are going to be live on the radio in 30 seconds because an ex-partner of theirs has rung in on the show and answered three questions. If they get them right they win a luxury holiday with the mystery ex-partner. Oh and please don't swear because it's live!

Call 0906 342 0085 and Choose Prank 7 to start the windup now!*

Revenge Prank CallsThe Sexual Disease Clinic

How would you feel if a doctor from the National Sexually Transmitted Diseases Control Unit rang you up, only to tell you that you have been named by an ex-lover and have a strong possibility of having contacted the dreadful Zachary Syndrome? It's not pretty and has an unusually painful treatment...

Call 0906 342 0085 and Choose Prank 2 to start the windup now!*


Prank Call NumbersIt's Reality TV!

Someone has dropped out at the last minute and they need a replacement who is game for a laugh, have you got clean pants on?

Call 0906 342 0085 and Choose Prank 9 to start the windup now!*

Phone Pranks Is Quentin there?

The victim will get a call from someone looking for a chap called Quentin. She's pretty rude when she hears it's a wrong number. Then when they put the phone down they immediately get another call from someone looking for Quentin and another and another until they finally get a call from Quentin who is very pissed off that the victim hasn't taken any messages...

Call 0906 342 0085 and Choose Prank 3 to start the windup now!*

Best Prank CallsYour Mobile has Been Reported Stolen

Someone has reported their mobile as being stolen and they receive an automated message telling them their mobile will be cut off in five minutes&...

Call 0906 342 0085 and Choose Prank 1 to start the windup now!*

"Wind up your friends & family, your enemies, or anyone else you feel deserves it... with our funny prank call ideas!"

Our prank calls are so realistic that you will have them fooled every time!

We use Artificial Intelligence that listens to what your victim says and responds just like a real conversation, combined with the best actors to create truly realistic prank calls that will fool everyone.

And the best part is that you can listen in live and secretly throughout the prank calls as your victim is humiliated!

Why not even put your phone on loudspeaker and let your friends listen in too for maximum humiliation!

All you need to do is choose a windup from our list of joke calls above and we'll prank call your chosen Victim - Get ready for the most fun you've had in a while with our hilarious phone gags.

Number for Prank Calls

Note - The person you are prank calling will not know it's you and will not hear you laughing out loud as you listen in secretly to their reaction!

PrankCalls4u offers a hilarious way to wind up your friends with prank calls. Our crank calls have been selected to provide maximum laughter and entertainment all round, and use special artificial intelligence technology to make them the most realistic and best prank calls around. We've worked hard to ensure that we have a collection of the funniest prank calls, so you can be sure of a barrel of laughs when you are prank calling your friends.

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*Calls cost 1.53 per minute from a BT landine. Calls from other networks may be higher and calls from mobiles will be considerably more. Please check with your network provider before calling. You should be over 18 to call. Ensure you have the bill payers permission before
calling. If your victim hangs up, you will given the option to call again or choose another wind-up. If you hang up, the call will be terminated. Service provided by 6dg, 2nd Floor, 33 King William Street, London, EC4R 9AS.